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Yacht Charter: An unmatched venue for Business Events

Main Salon & Dining Table

Traditional meeting rooms and corporate venues have been replaced by innovative and unique settings in today’s competitive business world. One such platform that has emerged as a game-changer is corporate yacht chartering.

Combining luxury, privacy, and a flexible environment, corporate yacht charters have become the go-to solution for businesses aiming to make a lasting impression.

At Emperio Yachting, we are proud to have extensive experience in corporate and tandem charters. Trusted by CEO and YPO organizations and even the McLaren Racing Team, we are the preferred yacht chartering company for those seeking a seamless and luxurious corporate event.

Meetings and Conferences on the High Seas

When planning important meetings or closing business deals, an executive would need an environment that nurtures relationship-building and strategic decision-making. Corporate yacht charters provide a perfectly balanced setting to conduct these crucial discussions, without the distractions of a regular office. Equipped with Wi-Fi, on-board telephone, and email access, the yachts allow easy and reliable connections with your office, ensuring a seamless flow of communication.

A Fresh Venue for Corporate Events and Product Launches

Corporate events or product launches demand a venue that captivates and impresses. A yacht charter not only offers a unique location but also allows the luxury of varying locations, ensuring every event is distinct. From hosting small gatherings to accommodating up to 140 guests for day charters, these yachts are versatile and fully customizable to the specific needs of your business.

Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality

Aligning your corporate yacht charter with prestigious events worldwide can provide an unparalleled experience for employees and clients. Whether it’s the America’s Cup, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, or the Rio Carnival, a static charter can turn these events into an opulent entertainment facility or a spectacular viewing platform.

Team Building and Networking

Whether it’s through watersports or on-shore excursions, corporate yacht charters provide an excellent platform for team-building exercises. They also enable better networking as guests can move from one yacht to another when chartered in a fleet, encouraging improved working relationships.

Staff Incentives

There’s no better way to recognize the hard work of top-performing employees than with a luxury yacht charter. A week-long charter experience, packed with water toys, luxury amenities, and exquisite service, is an incentive that leaves employees feeling valued, rewarded, and rejuvenated.

Things to Consider When Booking

While the idea of a corporate yacht charter is exciting, meticulous planning is required to ensure a successful experience. Keeping focus on your business goal, budget, and potential outcomes is crucial. Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Experienced Crew: An experienced charter crew familiar with handling large parties and catering requirements is essential.
  • Accommodation: The yacht should have suitable accommodation for your party.
  • Capacity: Subject to Maritime regulations, many luxury yachts can accommodate a maximum of eight to twelve charter guests. For larger parties, a fleet of charter yachts might be necessary.
  • Protection: For corporate events on board a luxury yacht, protective carpeting may be needed to protect the decks from any potential damage.
  • Permissions: It’s vital to make the premise of a corporate charter clear when making enquiries, as any permission is subject to the yacht owner’s authority.

Corporate yacht charters provide an extraordinary setting for all types of corporate events. With careful planning and the assistance of an experienced yacht broker, you can transform your business event into a memorable experience.

Choose Emperio Yachting for your next corporate event and experience the unmatched blend of business and pleasure that only we can offer. Browse our stunning selection of yachts for charter to get inspiration for the perfect base for an unforgettable corporate charter.