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Overcoming Challenges in Yacht Chartering – A Success Story by Emperio

In the competitive world of yacht chartering, Emperio Yachting has carved a niche for itself by going beyond the provision of high-quality service. We specialize in crafting bespoke yacht chartering experiences that cater to the unique needs and desires of our clients. Our recent success story involves a client who is a chairman of the YPO and currently a member of a CEO organization, along with his family.

For this family, chartering a yacht was a new adventure. Despite their love for the sea, they faced a challenge: one family member had a phobia of the sea and seawater. Accustomed to the luxury of Four Seasons resorts and five-star hotels, they decided to embark on this new journey, with budget not being a constraint.

After careful consideration, we recommended the Blade 6, a Sunseeker 92 feet from 2009, crewed by a team of four, for a ten-day journey. This yacht, although smaller than some of the larger options available, was the perfect fit for them for several reasons. Primarily, we wanted to ensure that if they felt uncomfortable, the costs wouldn’t be prohibitively high, despite their generous budget.

The Blade 6 is meticulously maintained and refitted annually, ensuring it is in immaculate condition. It is manned by a highly trained crew, all closely bonded with the owner and the yacht. The crew includes a chef specializing in Greek and Asian cuisine, a ready steward, an attentive engineer responsible for sea toys and child care, and a knowledgeable, friendly captain.

The yacht is equipped with a submersible swimming platform, an ideal feature for easing sea phobia as it can be adjusted to different heights in the water. It also features a Starlink high-speed internet system – indispensable for business continuity, zero-speed stabilizers, and a plethora of sea toys.

This yacht charter took place in mid-July, a month known for the Meltemi, a seasonal wind in Greece that can create challenging sailing conditions. Our team worked tirelessly, keeping a close eye on daily weather forecasts to ensure the safety and comfort of our chartering clients. We designed a suitable charter itinerary around the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. This diligent navigation and route planning ensured a smooth and enjoyable voyage, despite the weather challenges. The skill and experience of the crew, combined with Emperio Yachting’s adept logistical support, turned a potential obstacle into a non-issue, further enhancing the client’s chartering experience and satisfaction.

Our team at Emperio Yachting meticulously curated an itinerary that included visits to historical sites, wine tasting events, and even a Mamma Mia-themed party on a private beach, complete with customized decorations and music. A fireworks show added a magical touch to their adventure. Throughout the journey, Emperio’s operations team maintained constant communication with the crew, ensuring every detail was taken care of – from weather forecasts to berth reservations, transportation arrangements, restaurant and club reservations, and discrete security arrangements for the younger family members.

The feedback we received from the client after their voyage was incredibly rewarding. The family member who initially had a phobia of the sea had grown so comfortable and trusting of the crew that she even ventured into the sea and swam on the last day. The family expressed that the service they received on Blade 6 far exceeded their past experiences at Four Seasons resorts.

They praised the customized experiences on board, the boat, the crew and Emperio Yachting ready to help every step of the way. The client was so pleased with their experience that they said they would not stay at the hotel again. Emperio was also asked to arrange for a three-week sailing of a 150-foot [50 m] boat in Greece the following year.

How did Blade 6, a yacht of considerable size, manage to thrive in a market that generally does not support vessels of its kind? Despite challenging market conditions, Blade 6 not only achieved over 70 days of chartering but also successfully covered all operational and ownership costs. This remarkable feat highlights Blade 6 as a standout in its category, demonstrating the exceptional synergy between an exceptional yacht management team and the ideal yacht, resulting in unforgettable experiences for guests.

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