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Marcelo Almada enhanced the skills of Emperio’s yacht chefs

Emperio Yachting aims to offer the ultimate experience for its guests. To achieve this, they invest in the training and development of their yacht crew. Recently, they brought in Marcelo Almada, a renowned world-class chef to impart his expertise in Sushi and Spanish Cuisine, enhancing the skills of their yacht chefs even further.

The culinary arts are constantly evolving, and Emperio Yachting’s commitment to continuous improvement ensures that their yacht crew is equipped with the latest techniques and knowledge. The chef’s teachings have proven to be an immense asset, allowing their yacht chefs to create dishes that are not only delicious but also visually stunning.

Well-trained and knowledgeable crew members are crucial to delivering the best experience for their guests, and at Emperio Yachting, this is a top priority. Their crew is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and cuisine and is always striving to exceed guests’ expectations in all areas, from the kitchen to the deck and guest areas.

In conclusion, investing in the training and development of their yacht crew is just one of the many ways Emperio Yachting aims to continuously improve and provide the best for their guests. The hard work and dedication of their yacht crew are essential to their commitment to providing an exceptional experience for all who embark on their yachts.