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Legal Services

For Yachting and Aviation Clients

Our dedicated legal, tax and corporate services team is committed to providing a seamless and efficient experience for our yachting and aviation clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver personalized solutions that cater to your distinct needs, financial objectives, and asset management strategies.

legal services

Legal Services

Our team of seasoned international attorneys brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, providing expert guidance on a wide array of yacht and superyacht matters. This includes everything from new constructions, sales, and purchases, to chartering, financing, dispute resolution, insurance, and management.

Our clientele spans across the yachting industry, encompassing ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices, yacht builders, financial institutions, managers, and charterers across various key jurisdictions.

At Emperio Yachting, our devoted yacht experts comprehend the intricacies of yachting industry practices, legal stipulations, insurance hazards, and financial requisites. This industry, more than most, necessitates meticulous attention to detail and understanding of its distinctive nuances. 

We pride ourselves on our extensive industry connections and profound comprehension of the underlying business and commercial challenges in the yachting sector

corporate vat services

Corporate VAT Services

At Emperio Yachting, we specialize in offering comprehensive tax and corporate services tailored to meet the unique requirements of our esteemed yachting clients. Our skilled team collaborates with our client relationship teams and clients’ professional advisors to design, support, and implement efficient structures that align with effective tax strategies. Leveraging our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of yachts, we provide customized solutions for each client.

Tax & VAT Services for Yachting and Aviation Clients

Direct Tax Services

  • Expert tax advice and ongoing support for individuals, companies, and trusts, covering inheritance tax, income tax, and capital gains tax
  • Consultancy services for FATCA and CRS compliance

Indirect Tax Services

  • Formal importation into the EU and/or the UK for free circulation and full VAT recovery for commercial use
  • Formal importation into the EU and/or the UK under commercial exemption
  • Temporary importation into the EU for non-EU residents and/or the UK for non-UK residents
  • Formal importation into the EU and/or the UK with VAT payment for private use
  • Optimized commercial charter structures for VAT recovery
  • Resolution services for customs and VAT disputes
  • Advisory services for VAT and customs transactions related to asset purchase and/or sale
  • Customs warehousing to defer VAT and customs duty liabilities
  • Post-Brexit assurance services to minimize potential VAT and customs liability exposure
Choose Emperio Yachting for your tax and corporate service needs and experience the unmatched advantages of our comprehensive industry knowledge, collaborative approach, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.


We simplify the process of selecting the ideal jurisdiction and structure for your yacht or aircraft based on your specific needs and requirements. Our commitment to exceptional client service and professionalism has earned us global recognition for our leading role in managing a diverse portfolio of yachting and aviation clients.

We create bespoke structures tailored to your unique circumstances, available in a variety of jurisdictions. The choice of jurisdiction is determined by our clients’ needs and the specific business advantages offered by the selected location.

Our Yachting & Aviation Set-Up and Support Services

Establishment and management of efficient ownership structures
Multi-jurisdictional VAT, tax, and registration services
Customs and VAT advice
Formal importation into the EU and/or the UK
Financial, management, and VAT reporting
Temporary importation into the EU for non-EU residents and/or the UK for non-UK residents
Directorship, officer, registered agent, and registered office services
Finance and banking services through efficient and globally recognized partners
Day-to-day administration, including certification, insurance management, and secretarial services
Choose Emperio Yachting for your yacht or aircraft jurisdiction and structure needs, and experience the unparalleled advantages of our tailored solutions, exceptional client service, and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.

Discover the Emperio difference and embark on an unparalleled yachting journey with us