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How to choose the right yacht for chartering

How to choose the right yacht for chartering

If the idea of chartering a yacht feels overwhelming, don’t worry.

Our comprehensive guide covers everything from yacht types to charter locations will be an excellent starting point for your conversation with your yacht charter broker, ensuring you can comfortably enjoy crafting a unique, unforgettable yacht charter experience customized just for you.

The process of picking out the ideal yacht involves a myriad of factors. To streamline this, we have classified it into main areas: destination, budget, guests, type, and amenities.


The destination of your yacht charter should naturally be your first point of consideration; reflect on the kind of experience you are seeking and when you and your guests plan to embark.

You will be spoilt for choice with an array of spectacular destinations; perhaps you fancy a stylish sail along the French Riviera or exploring the pristine island reefs of the Caribbean. The world is your oyster. Learn more about yacht chartering destinations here.

Charter Seasons

Charter seasons fluctuate based on the region’s climate and weather, as well as peak periods when yacht charters are in high demand. During these high seasons, yacht charter costs might increase, so your decisions on when and where to sail not only depend on the region’s cruising conditions and climate but also on whether peak charter fees apply.

For popular destinations like the Mediterranean in the summer and the Caribbean in the winter, there’s a higher concentration of charter yachts, but with that comes increased demand. Keep this in mind while deciding on your destination.

Your choice of destination may also influence the type of yacht you require. For instance, if you’re venturing into the Bahamas shallow waters, yachts with larger drafts may struggle to reach prime locations and anchorages.

On the other hand, if you’re set on a sailing yacht charter around the Maldives’ stunning turquoise waters, you might find limited wind in certain areas, forcing you to rely on motor power.


After deciding on your destination, the next step is to set your budget. Understand your financial limits and communicate this to your yacht charter broker, who can then guide you through the types of yachts within your price range.

Remember to budget for additional costs such as food, fuel and docking fees, which are payable on top of the yacht’s base charter fee. Depending on the charter contract, these are typically calculated as a percentage of the base rate, around 25-30%, and are payable, together with half the charter fee, one month prior to your yacht charter’s start date.

Also consider that yacht charter prices can fluctuate based on size, onboard amenities, charter destination, season (high or low), as well as significant events like the Monaco Grand Prix or Cannes Film Festival.


The guests accompanying you will largely determine the requirements and expectations of your yacht charter. Factors such as destination, time of year, cabin layout and onboard facilities should be considered in the context of your guests when deciding on the yacht type and travel destination.

Cabins’ Layout

Yachts are available in various forms, each offering a different cabin configuration. If you’re traveling with couples, you may want to look at yachts with double cabins that are ideally located at some distance from each other.

For charters involving small children, twin cabins or cabins with pullman bunks are an excellent choice. Some yachts also offer cabins adjacent to the Master cabin with adjoining doors, which is perfect for main charterers who want their children nearby.

Additional needs

Numerous superyachts cater to guests with additional needs. Ensure you communicate any special requirements your guests might have, such as disabled access onboard the yacht, wider gangways, specially configured guest cabins and elevators, to your charter broker.

Maximum number of guests

Bear in mind that the majority of yachts can only accommodate up to 12 guests, as per maritime regulations. Anything over this number falls under the Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS) regulations applied to cruise ships.

If you wish to have more than 12 guests, a tandem charter is a popular option. This arrangement allows for more yacht charter options, convenience and even privacy, such as for older teenagers who may enjoy some alone time on their own yacht before joining the other guests for dinner.


Yacht interior designs can range from lavishly grand and luxurious to contemporary, minimalist, and avant-garde. It’s crucial to choose a style that you will enjoy throughout your vacation.

Type of Yacht – Motor or Sail?

Yachts come in all forms; whether you’re drawn to a luxury motor yacht equipped with a helipad, infinity pool and top-notch facilities, or you’re interested in a traditional wooden sailing yacht that embraces the forces of nature, there is definitely a yacht that suits your needs.

Motor yachts are the go-to choice for those seeking swift cruising speeds, spacious accommodation, and a plethora of onboard amenities like a gym, beach club and extensive toy options, while sailing yachts offer the exciting prospect of adventure without compromising luxury.

Catamarans can also be an excellent choice as they offer flexibility and space, coupled with a smaller draft ideal for accessing shallow reefs and lagoons. Check out our extensive fleet of charter yachts available, complete with reviews, specifications, and stunning photographs for inspiration. If you have a specific yacht in mind, you can search by yacht name or builder.

Expedition yachts are gaining popularity for their extensive storage and space, as well as their ability to cover vast distances, making them perfect for a unique charter experience off the beaten path; from the majestic serenity of Alaska’s glaciers to the beautiful turquoise reefs of the Indian Ocean, the cruising possibilities are limitless.


Each yacht offers a unique set of amenities, and it is crucial to identify which are most important for you and your guests. This might mean ensuring a world-class chef is available to prepare gourmet meals daily or having a gym onboard to maintain your fitness regime during your charter.

Onboard Entertainment

Today, all yachts come equipped with the latest technology and IT systems, enabling guests to stay connected with the world, even in the most remote locations. Moreover, most yachts feature widescreen TVs in every cabin and the main guest areas. Some yachts even boast a dedicated cinema with a wide screen and state-of-the-art sound system, ideal for a cosy movie night after a day of exploration ashore.


Many yachts are furnished with some form of gym equipment – from dedicated rooms equipped with the latest fitness machines to a simple setup on deck. These facilities provide guests with the perfect opportunity to stay in shape while on charter, particularly after indulging in gourmet meals and wine! Spas with saunas and dedicated massage areas are always in demand on yachts. They are perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation while on charter. Usually, there is a crew member onboard who is specially trained to offer guests massages and treatments.

Food & Drinks

For some guests, this is the most crucial aspect of their charter, especially for remote destinations with limited dining options onshore. The onboard chef will typically be highly skilled and passionate about food, capable of providing exceptional quality cuisine throughout your charter.

You’ll be asked to fill out a preference sheet beforehand detailing all food preferences and any specific dietary needs for you and your guests. This allows the chef to cater to your needs and provide highly personalized fine dining throughout your yacht charter.

Water Sports & Diving

Most superyachts boast an extensive selection of water sports toys and equipment, allowing guests to enjoy the ultimate experience.

Among the most popular are high-speed jet skis, for thrill-seekers to zoom across the waves, and wakeboards for an adrenaline-fueled ride. Paddleboards and kayaks provide a more leisurely exploration of the surrounding sea, while underwater scooters and snorkeling gear allow for immersive explorations beneath the surface.

Superyachts often feature state-of-the-art diving equipment, including dive computers, buoyancy compensators, and high-quality masks and fins, accommodating both novices and certified divers.

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