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Emperio Yachting’s Persefoni Makes a Triumphant Return to the Monaco GP with McLaren

**Monaco** – For the third consecutive year, Emperio Yachting’s illustrious yacht Persefoni is set to grace the waters of the Monaco Grand Prix, once again in partnership with the  McLaren team. The yacht’s berth, a prime trackside spot just after the nouvelle chicane, offers an unrivaled view of the race, cementing its status as one of the most sought-after locations during the Grand Prix weekend.

The Monaco Grand Prix, synonymous with glamour and precision, aligns perfectly with Emperio Yachting’s ethos of luxury and exclusivity. Persefoni, known for its elegant design and impeccable service, will not only accommodate VIP guests from the realms of movies and sports but will also play host to the drivers’ presentation and the sponsors’ cocktail event, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to the festivities.

This year’s involvement is particularly special as Emperio Yachting expands its presence with not one, but two yachts participating in the event. This expansion is a testament to the brand’s growing stature in the world of luxury yachting and its deepening relationship with the world of Formula 1.

The drivers’ presentation on Persefoni is anticipated to be a highlight of the GP week offering guests an intimate encounter with the stars of the racetrack. Meanwhile, the sponsors’ cocktail is set to be a convergence of the crème de la crème of various industries, providing an unparalleled networking opportunity against the backdrop of one of the most prestigious events in the sporting calendar.

As Persefoni docks at the Monaco GP, its exclusive trackside berth will offer guests breathtaking views of the race, immersing them in the heart-pounding excitement of Formula 1 while surrounding them with unmatched luxury. It’s a harmonious blend of speed, sophistication, and spectacle, reflecting the essence of both Emperio Yachting and the McLaren team.

As we look forward to another year of this illustrious partnership, it’s clear that Persefoni is not just a participant but a pivotal element of the Monaco Grand Prix experience, bringing together the thrill of racing with the pinnacle of yachting luxury.