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Emperio’s Yacht Chartering: The case of M/Y Barents

The demanding world of yacht chartering often requires a blend of stunning aesthetics, luxurious amenities, an exceptional crew, meticulous planning, personalized service, and effective crisis management to ensure success.

At Emperio Yacht Alliance, we offer the highest quality yacht chartering service, whether you want to experience the luxury and freedom of sailing on the open sea or you are a yacht owner. The remarkable journey of M/Y Barents in this low season, under the capable management of Emperio Yachting Alliance, demonstrates our claims.

Read below how we managed to create a standout charter experience and make a seasoned yacht stand out and succeed in this industry.

About M/Y Barents 

A 164’ Benetti, Barents, was thoroughly refit in 2021 and features an Art Deco interior designed by the well-recognized Stefano Natucci featuring exquisite marble, stunning furnishings, and natural light throughout.

Despite her age, M/Y Barents sets a standard and continues to outperform much younger and larger yachts in the charter market. She is the first yacht in history to start her Mediterranean charter season as early as April 11, while most other yachts were still winterized.

This strategic move ensured an impressive income of over 1.5 million euros from an 81-day charter with a single client.

But how did we achieve that?

There are a number of reasons behind this success, and each of them is characteristic of the strategy that we use in the yacht charter service we offer:

Best-in-class Crew & Exceptional Culture: We acknowledge the integral role of a devoted crew. Emperio Yachting prioritizes the recruitment of top-tier crew members, understanding the pivotal role they play in guest satisfaction. By ensuring crew wellbeing and continuous professional development, we cultivate a team that delivers an atmosphere that makes guests feel like they are ‘home away from home’, providing service that exceeds even seven-star resorts.

Personalized Service: We and the team on board commit to delivering unique experiences, crafting each day with meticulous planning to cater to individual preferences and interests.

Unbreakable Crew – Management – Owners Relationship: The crew has been together since 2014, building a strong bond and fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. This long-term relationship with the Owners and the Management company has contributed significantly to the success of MY Barents. Their collective experience and understanding of the charter market enable them to anticipate and meet the needs of their charter guests proactively.

Investing in Maintenance and Equipment: The team ensures M/Y Barents stays in excellent condition through regular maintenance and equipment upgrades, delivering a charter experience that guests find irresistible.

Endless Possibilities: With the on board team and Emperio Yachting Alliance steering the ship, charterers on M/Y Barents enjoy a wide range of unforgettable experiences, tailored to their preferences.

Crisis Management: During a 81-days charter stretching in two continents and four countries from Turkey to Greece, and then to Montenegro and Croatia, challenges can arise. Nonetheless, our robust crisis management system acts swiftly to resolve issues, ensuring a seamless experience for charterers, while protecting the owners’ interests.

Operational Excellence: Our team employs the best operational practices to ensure smooth yacht operations, resulting in a seamless charter experience.

Special thanks go out to Captain Panos Dakos, George Christopoulos, Victor Choumis, Palatos Panagiotis, Jeny Papadopoulou, and the rest of the crew for their remarkable contributions to this success.

The Competitive Advantage of Emperio Yachting Alliance

The winning formula for a successful yacht charter goes beyond the vessel itself. It encompasses a mix of factors such as crew selection, personalized service, preventive maintenance, unique experiences, and effective crisis management.

Our innovative approach in managing M/Y Barents demonstrates how this combination can yield exceptional results in the high competitive yacht chartering industry.

If you are interested to charter a yacht browse our catalogue of yachts available to charter, or if you are a yacht owner looking for charter management contact us here.