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Discover a world of lively culture, beautiful scenery, and lovely coastal villages

Discover a world of lively culture, beautiful scenery, and lovely coastal villages on a sun-drenched sailing journey along the intriguing Spanish Riviera. Prepare to be enchanted by a coastline rich in history and tradition, with golden beaches, crystal-clear oceans, and a rich tapestry of history and culture.


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Set sail from Barcelona, a lively city where modernist architecture and bustling street life coexist peacefully. Cruise through the Mediterranean Sea’s beautiful seas, admiring the gorgeous Catalan coastline.

Explore Sitges, a delightful town noted for its gorgeous beaches, scenic streets, and bustling nightlife. Stroll along the waterfront promenade, see the ancient Old Town, and sample the town’s famous food scene, which has a delectable blend of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisines.

Continue on to the Costa Brava, a magnificent length of coastline with steep cliffs, secret bays, and quaint beach villages. Anchor in remote bays like Cala Sa Tuna and Cala Aiguablava to swim in crystal-clear seas and relax on beautiful sandy beaches. Discover Tossa de Mar, a medieval village with defended walls and a historic castle that offers panoramic views of the coastline.

Travel south to the Costa del Sol, which is famed for its vibrant resorts, glitzy marinas, and sun-kissed beaches. Discover Marbella’s bustling city, with its luxury Puerto Banus marina, elegant stores, and world-class restaurants. Bask in the sun on Fuengirola’s famed beaches or unwind in Estepona, a quaint town noted for its magnificent promenade and classic Andalusian architecture.

Don’t pass up the chance to visit Málaga, Pablo Picasso’s birthplace and a cultural center in the region. Explore the ancient city center, pay a visit to the Picasso Museum, and enjoy the lively ambiance of its cafés and tapas restaurants. Enjoy views of the Mediterranean Sea while strolling along the magnificent waterfront promenade.

Continue on to the Costa de la Luz, a hidden treasure known for its gorgeous beaches and laid-back ambiance. Discover the lovely town of Tarifa, a water sports enthusiast’s dream where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. Discover Cádiz, one of Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited towns, and immerse yourself in its rich history and lively culture.

Savor the tastes of traditional Spanish food, indulge in delectable tapas, and enjoy the region’s finest wines as you sail down the Spanish Riviera. Interact with the friendly locals who will share their enthusiasm for their culture, music, and exciting festivals.

The Spanish Riviera delivers an outstanding sailing experience, complete with lively culture, natural beauty, and kind hospitality. Allow the appeal of this coastal paradise to call you as you cruise through the gorgeous Spanish Riviera, immersing yourself in Spain’s Mediterranean coastline’s rich tapestry. Discover the allure of the Spanish Riviera and make lifetime memories of your sailing adventure.


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