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About us

Let's embark on this exciting journey together.

Our unique blend of trust, expertise, teamwork, transparency, and innovative technology creates the perfect recipe for an unforgettable yachting experience.

As you explore our story, values, and dedicated team, you’ll understand what sets Emperio Yachting apart in the world of yachting.

Our Vision

At Emperio Yachting, our philosophy is firmly anchored in our dedication to offering the apex of yacht ownership, sales, and chartering experiences. We envision the future of yachting being powered by advanced technology, and thus, we harness the capabilities of cutting-edge AI to streamline our procedures and enrich our client experiences.

This technological innovation enables us to deliver real-time updates and valuable insights to our clients about their yacht’s condition, sale status, or charter journey. Whether you’re looking to purchase, sell, or charter a yacht, we aim to ensure your process is informed, transparent, and ultimately satisfying.

Above all, our actions are steered by our relentless pursuit of excellence and the belief that the journey of yacht ownership, sales, and chartering should be delightful and free from unnecessary stress. Our vision is to revolutionize the global yachting industry and forge a new era in luxury yachting by setting new benchmarks in quality, innovation, and excellence.

We warmly invite you to explore more about Emperio Yachting, and personally discover the distinguishing characteristics that set us apart in the yachting industry.

Our Values

Discover the guiding principles that shape Emperio's exceptional yachting experience. These core values lay the foundation for our commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and long-lasting relationships.


We build trust through our commitment to ethical practices, open communication, and honesty.


With a team of experienced yacht management professionals, you can be sure that your yacht is being managed by experts who know what they're doing.


We work as a team to provide the best possible experience.


We believe in full disclosure and strive to make you feel informed and in control at all times.


We utilize cutting-edge AI technology to streamline processes, improve communication, and enhance the overall experience for you.

Human-Centered approach

We build trust through our commitment to ethical practices, open communication, and honesty.

Our Core Team

Savvas Kontrafouris

CEO and Founder

Ilias Kalpouzos

Technical Manager & Operations

Niki Trachanatzi

Financial Administrator

Stavros Exarchopoulos

Compliance and Operations

Rania Papadopoulou

Financial controller & Accounts Manager

Gogo Lampropoulou


Elianna Halida

Maritime Law, VAT matters and Finance

Kostantinos Alepakos

Corporate Law

Ioannis Panoliaskos

Corporate Accounting

Our Partners & Clients

Discover the Emperio difference and embark on an unparalleled yachting journey with us

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